Services for structures, control systems and test equipment


We’ve been delivering design, manufacture and support solutions to the energy sector for over thirty years. 

We have provided a range of solutions ranging from consultancy to design (structures and systems), manufacture and support services for structures, control systems and test equipment. 

We cover a range of energy sectors including wind power, biomass, waste, tidal power, hydroelectric, and oil and gas and we offer design and stress support from concept to detailed design, manufacture, installation, testing and commissioning. 

Applying best practice from the sectors and industries we work in, we deliver efficient design and project management processes utilising appropriate tools and methodologies. Operating in a multi-disciplined engineering and technical environment enables us to be flexible and provide a fully managed holistic solution to clients’ requirements.

We provide a fast turnaround for repair, replacement and overhaul of critical parts of power generators and equipment to ensure downtime and disruption is kept to a minimum. 

High precision and critical parts are manufactured under the strictest quality controls to ensure product conformity is maintained.

Customers including Siemens Energy, Trillium Flow Technologies, Allen Diesels, Lufkin Gears and Rolls Royce, have all benefited from our support for their critical and high accuracy components.